The Wizard’s Quest goes live!

The latest story in the continuing adventures of Garlan the wizard went live this morning at Amazon.

Garlan must journey over a mountain pass into the Land of the Dragons. There is a continual storm raging over the pass and it proves that it could be quite deadly. Garlan must reach the other side of the mountain where he is to meet Mirroth the White and continue his training.

To celebrate this occasion I am offering the first story, The Wizard’s Staff, for FREE for five days (thru 8/4). Just click the links below to take advantage of this offer.

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One Day in Paris

I needed a break from the world of Garlan and someone challenged me to write something out of the ordinary. Well, being a guy, writing a romance would be as out of the ordinary as you can get. I saw a couple of photos on Instagram, the wheels started turning in my mind and One Day in Paris is the result. If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted read situated in the City of Love, this is the story for you.

cover 03

Welcome to my world

I am an artist and author and I always feel like I have a story to tell. Whether it be with a brush or pencil in my hands or with a computer in front of me, there is a story to tell.

I remember reading The Lord Of The Rings when I was about 14-years-old and around the same time I read about Brooks’ world of Shannara and McCaffrey’s dragons. And who could forget Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant series?

Once I got my first job at sixteen, I was buying all kinds of books about stories of fantasy and adventure. If Kindle had been around back then I’m sure I would have filled the memory up in no time. One of my favorite haunts back then was the many dusty, musty used bookstores in my hometown, looking for that next treasure that would take me away.

I like the process of building worlds and creating characters. At this moment, I am building the world of Garlan of Whitestone Castle. I am keenly interested in seeing what kind of adventures that Garlan has over time and hope that there is an impatient horde of rabid readers that want to take the journey with me.