Where does the time go?

series-covers-001Yes, it’s been two months exactly since my last post. Even I can’t believe that. January was spent with my pencils and brushes, participating in the 30-in-30 painting challenge. I did some work on the novel, but had to put it on the back burner for a little while to give me the time I needed in catching up on my art.

I have now gotten back to the novel and I am working on it, still with the deadline of getting it to my editor by the end of March and then hopefully, published by the beginning to middle of summer.

I have had to make a couple of major revisions in the story and some reworking of the timelines, but it all seems to be coming together now.

I think it was quite naive to think that I could tell the first part of the story in 100,000 words. If it comes in under 140,000 words, I will be surprised. It’s getting more and more interesting as the story continues. I can’t wait to see where it goes.