Into the Top Ten!

Just had to put this out there. My latest novel, Into The Wishing Well, has hit the Top Ten in its category for New Releases. Woohoo! Click the image below and you can help it get even higher.  rank 02

That being said, Wicked Rising is available for pre-order as a Kindle ebook and I have ordered the paperback version so I can proof it and have it ready to go soon. Hopefully, the paperback will be ready at the same time as the ebook, which is one week from today.


Garlan has finally arrived

Cover 000d
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It’s been a long time coming, but the continuing adventures of Garlan of Whitestone Castle is finally out. Pre-order your copy today by clicking the cover image. The book becomes available on October 6th, but you can pre-order it now so that it ends up in your Kindle as soon as it’s published. There will also be a paperback version, if you still like the feel of a real book in your hands.

Garlan has passed his trials and has now left the Land Of The Dragons, only to find that evil is rising again in the Eastern Desert, just as it did four hundred years ago. This faceless threat seems to have come out of nowhere and some believe it is the same evil that arose four centuries ago. Others know better.

All the wizards, including the older ones, are looking to Garlan to be their leader in this coming war, but he isn’t so sure they have the right man. All he really wants to do is find Marnell and start a life with her. However, there are forces, both good and bad, that are trying to keep them apart.

Follow Garlan, Marnell, Sigarick and Mirroth as they fall into this conflict that causes much pain and suffering and asks the ultimate sacrifice of those it touches.

First full length novel is up

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While Wicked Rising is still out with the editor, I’ve put the finishing touches on another novel that I was writing.

Into The Wishing Well is the story of Melanie Peters, a good, little preacher’s daughter, who finds herself at the “Gates of St. Peter” long before her time and they are quite surprised to see her. They can’t just let her in because she isn’t supposed to be there, so they decide to put her to work until they can find a spot for her.

So, what’s a spirit supposed to do while waiting for them to let her into Heaven?

Get this book to find out about a “guardian angel in training” and how she deals with all the daily happenings in her world, including how she deals with the dark angels that also walk among the living.

I am thinking this could be the beginning of a series or a prequel to a trilogy, but I’m not sure about that yet. I guess it will depend on how this first story is received.

As for Wicked Rising, as soon as I get the edited manuscript back, I’ll have it cleaned up and published as soon as possible. I know there are a lot of readers out there that are wondering what’s going on with Garlan and Marnell. I know because I’ve received messages asking about them and when their story will continue. Soon dear readers. Soon.

Anyway, click on the cover image above and it will take you straight to the pre-order page for Into The Wishing Well. The book is set to go live on the 8th and I’m hoping to also have the paperback formatted and ready for sale at the same time.