Garlan has finally arrived

Cover 000d
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It’s been a long time coming, but the continuing adventures of Garlan of Whitestone Castle is finally out. Pre-order your copy today by clicking the cover image. The book becomes available on October 6th, but you can pre-order it now so that it ends up in your Kindle as soon as it’s published. There will also be a paperback version, if you still like the feel of a real book in your hands.

Garlan has passed his trials and has now left the Land Of The Dragons, only to find that evil is rising again in the Eastern Desert, just as it did four hundred years ago. This faceless threat seems to have come out of nowhere and some believe it is the same evil that arose four centuries ago. Others know better.

All the wizards, including the older ones, are looking to Garlan to be their leader in this coming war, but he isn’t so sure they have the right man. All he really wants to do is find Marnell and start a life with her. However, there are forces, both good and bad, that are trying to keep them apart.

Follow Garlan, Marnell, Sigarick and Mirroth as they fall into this conflict that causes much pain and suffering and asks the ultimate sacrifice of those it touches.


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