Check out these rankings …

I was just looking at the rankings for The Wizard's Staff and this is what I saw. This is the title that is FREE for five days, until October 17th. I thought that was pretty cool. I wonder, does this make me a Best Seller?  😉 If you haven't picked up your free copy, there... Continue Reading →


FREE intro to The Tales of Garlan

To celebrate the release of Wicked Rising, I am offering the first title in The Tales of Garlan series for FREE until Tuesday, October 17th. Get The Wizard's Staff for FREE and then pick up the box set of all four Tales of Garlan stories for just $2.99. Then, when you've decided you haven't had... Continue Reading →

Just three days …

The release of Wicked Rising is just three days away and pre-orders are rolling in. I am still awaiting the arrival of the paperback proof copy and should get that within the next day or so and should have a paperback version of the book available at the same time as the Kindle version. To... Continue Reading →

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