The Captain Marvel kerfuffle

We’re only three or four days away from the next installment of the Marvel Universe and if you’ve been paying attention, it appears the MCU is circling the drain. This universe, that has been in creation for the past ten years, looks like it is going to be brought down by a 29-year-old woman that can’t seem to keep her mouth shut when it comes to politics and her hatred of all things “white males.”

When Brie Larson was announced as Captain Marvel, I was thinking, “Okay, this could work.” I didn’t really know anything about her, having never seen anything she’s been in. But, I figured Kevin Feige and Stan Lee knew what they were doing so I was just going to take a wait-and-see position.

Now, we get to hear Brie tell us she doesn’t care what any white man has to think about movies or that she doesn’t want any white, male reporters to be at her press conferences. Over the past couple of weeks, she’s tried to clarify her statements and each time she opens her mouth, she just pushed her foot further down her throat. She would have been better off just saying, “I’m sorry,” and then taking a two month vacation away from any press microphones.

And Marvel and Disney haven’t been doing any better. Telling us that this hero is a HERo is beyond ridiculous and made me cringe when I saw it. It’s sad that this once great company (Marvel) has decided to get into identity politics and with one move, destroy everything they’ve built over the last ten years.

I’ve already decided that I have no intention of seeing Captain Marvel in the theaters and will wait for it to come to the Redbox down the road. I’ll even wait until they send me a discount code or even a code for a free rental. But, I will not support Brie’s brand of feminism with my dollars at any point. Besides, being a sixty-year-old white dude, I guess I’m not welcome to see her movie anyway.

Now, when Avengers: End Game comes out next month, I will hope Marvel has come to their senses and let her play a minor role in the battle with Thanos, but not deliver the death blow to the titan. She does not deserve to have that honor given to her. It should be one of the original Avengers or the whole team that does the deed, maybe with the help of the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

If Captain Marvel swoops in and kills Thanos with a couple of blasts from her fists, while the Avengers stand there wondering, “Who the hell is that?”, that would be the beginning of the end for Marvel. No one would ever take Marvel seriously again. The feminist extremists have already destroyed the comic book side of Marvel and now they are setting their sights on the studio side.

If Marvel Studios was so set on having a woman defeat Thanos and raise the standard for “girl power” then have Black Widow meet and team up with Nebula and have them deal the final death blow. I’m pretty sure there is nothing Nebula wants more than to drive a dagger right through Thanos’ eye.

Oh, and one final thought on the Captain Marvel movie, any movie that comes out and makes Nick Fury look like a useless side-kick is a movie to be avoided. Nick doesn’t take a backseat to any superhero. Not Thor, not Ironman, not Hulk and definitely not Captain Marvel.

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