Come and take a journey through the mind of a dreamer, one who is constantly sitting around, conjuring up new worlds of wonder, of horror and of technological amazement.

The Tales of Garlan

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This is a compilation of the four short stories that tell of the beginnings of Garlan’s journey to becoming a master wizard. He has to fight in a wizard’s duel for his very first staff, against a very formidable foe. Then he has to take a journey to the south, into the Land of the Dragons, to finish his training and go through his final trial. This book (about 270 pages) is a good introduction to the land of Wyndweir and the people and magic that resides there.

The Chronicles of Wyndweir

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 The Chronicles of Wyndweir follow Garlan after he leaves the Land of the Dragons, following his trials. It would have been nice to sit on the shores of the lake outside his cabin, but there is an evil rising in the Eastern Desert and there are quite a few people that think Garlan is going to be the one to lead the fight against this darkness. No one told him this when he started this whole “becoming a great wizard” stuff and he wishes they would stop looking at him like he is their only hope for the future.

Into The Wishing Well

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What would you do if you arrived at the Pearly Gates and found a CLOSED sign hanging on them? That’s pretty much what Melanie finds when she ends up on the other side of the veil, through no fault of her own. When she’s told she’s early and is going to have to wait for an opening, she takes up a post near the wishing well in a small town park. But just sitting and waiting isn’t in her makeup. So what’s a girl to do?


The first in my A Cold Shivers Nightmare stories.

Beware The Boogerman

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The fine men and women of the Prattville Sheriff’s Department have a very specific job, one that most law enforcement officers would never have to deal with. Hopefully. They have to look after the peace and quiet in a small town that has the unfortunate nickname “Monster Town.” Why in the world would the town be called that? Well, let’s just say that the residents of this little burg are a bit unusual and leave it at that. Anyway, what would happen if a terror came drifting into town that could scare the bejeezus out of any law abiding monster? Find out when the sheriff and his deputies go on the hunt for the Boogerman.