Come and take a journey through the mind of a dreamer, one who is constantly sitting around, conjuring up new worlds of wonder, of horror and of technological amazement.

The Tales of Garlan

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“Causing you pain during training isn’t one of my goals, but it is an unexpected reward.”

This is a compilation of the four short stories that make up The Tales of Garlan. They will take you through the exciting journey of Garlan, from apprentice wizard to master wizard. They are an excellent introduction to him and his world and help prepare any adventurer to take on The Chronicles of Wyndweir.

The Chronicles of Wyndweir

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The Chronicles of Wyndweir follow Garlan after he leaves the Land of the Dragons, following his trials. It would have been nice to sit on the shores of the lake outside his cabin, but there is an evil rising in the Eastern Desert and there are quite a few people that think Garlan is going to be the one to lead the fight against this darkness. No one told him this when he started this whole “becoming a great wizard” stuff and he wishes they would stop looking at him like he is their only hope for the future.

Into The Wishing Well

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“Just wait by the wishing well.”

“For how long?”

“What do you care? You’re dead and not going anywhere soon.”

Melanie arrives at the Pearly Gates, only to find a grumpy old man that won’t let her in. How was she supposed to know she needed a number to come in?

So, what’s a girl to do?

Miss Claudia told her that you can never do too much to get into Heaven, even if you are dead. Realizing she can still influence the living, Melanie decides to look after the people of her little town. She just doesn’t realize there are others working in her town already, trying to drag them down.

There is one particularly nasty demon, who seems to have it in for her. They don’t like each other very much.

Join Melanie as she finds out she is one of the most important spirits in the coming war for Heaven, but has to face her battles before she even gets there.

A Cold Shivers Nightmare

Beware The Boogerman

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I will destroy everything and everyone you love and then, I will rip your beating heart out of your chest!

Oh yeah? Bring it jackass!

The Prattville Sheriff’s Department has one job and they’re having one heck of a time doing it right. All they have to do is keep the peace and quiet in a small town that has the unfortunate nickname “Monster Town.” It didn’t come by that nickname without good reason.

Anyway, what would happen if a terror came drifting into town that could scare the bejeezus out of any law abiding monster? Find out when the sheriff and his deputies go on the hunt for the Boogerman.

Shattered Prisons

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 02-cover-01a-1.jpgI don’t want to be a demon hunter! I have a show coming up, for crying out loud!

Julie is just an easy-going artist, who loves to paint pretty pictures and go for walks in the woods. Then, her grandmother dies and leaves her the house and she finds out there are secrets buried behind its walls.

Ripped out of a quiet life of art, she finds she is the centerpiece in a war that’s been going on since the beginning of time and like it or not, she is going to have to follow in her grandmother’s and mother’s footsteps. Whether or not she believes in other-worldly demons and evil, they believe in her and they will use any weapon they can to draw her out, including threatening those she loves.

Jump into the battle between good and evil with both feet and hold on. It’s going to be a wild ride.