A Cold Shivers Nightmare – Books 1 – 5

This series will send a chill through your body and give you a few laughs along the way. Each novel is a stand-alone, but they all exist in the same universe and there are surprise visits from characters in one story to another.

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Campfire Stories

This is the first book in what will become an extensive collection of stories to give you nightmares. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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All Things Wyndweir – The Chronicles Of Wyndweir

Starting with the prequel, The Tales of Garlan, follow the young wizard as he journeys toward being a master wizard. After attaining that status, he hears the rumblings of war in the land. The people are looking for him to be their leader. He wishes they would look for someone else.

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Into The Wishing Well

Melanie was a good girl. She lived by the rules. So, when she ends up at the Pearly Gates through an “accident,” it surprises her to find she needs a number to get in. Nobody ever told her that! Being told to wait and they would find a number for her, she looks after the people of her little town. Her only problem is, there is a demon running around trying to undo her good work and at the same time, capture her soul to present to his master. There is a war brewing between good and evil, and poor Melanie is caught right in the middle.

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