Welcome To Your Next Nightmare

For the last few months before her death, artist Julie’s beloved Nana started to talk about strange things – evil demons, dark angels and bad humans. Julie let her prattle – it was just harmless talk, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?

Now on her own with her grief in a big empty house, Julie’s beginning to think that maybe there was something to Nana’s wild talk. Most normal families have skeletons in the closet. Julie’s family is a little more unusual … their closet has demons.

Demons are on the loose, a friend is in peril, and a family legacy has been thrust upon her surprised shoulders. Can Julie transform into a badass demon fighting machine or will she cower behind her easel?

With the forces of evil on the prowl – released from their prisons by a clumsy friend – Julie must scramble to train and take her place beside Templar Knights and a feisty Dominican nun who has an obsession with cherry pie.

Paranormal horror with a touch of humor and dose of hair-raising shivers, this is the perfect novel for the Goosebumps kid who has outgrown Goosebumps.


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