Has it really been that long?

I am shocked to see that it’s been over a year since I last wrote in this blog. As a spammer, I am quite the amateur. I could make all kinds of promises to do better, but I know I will forget any promises I make in a week. I know myself.

Anyway, the main reason I’m here today is to sell you something. No, it will not be some fancy, shmancie doodad that you really don’t need. I don’t make doodads. I write books and this post is just to let you know my latest offering is out and live on Amazon. It’s on Barnes & Noble, too, if you just fancy the paperback.

This new title, Darius James: Monster Hunter, is a bit of a departure from the Cold Shivers Nightmare series. This new series, Campfire Stories, is going to be a series of stand-alone novels that will have nothing to do with each other. They will be just good, wholesome horror stories, with monsters wreaking havoc and people doing their best to put them down.

Darius James is a monster hunter, working for a group called Heaven Sent, and he’s been at it for a long time. Like, over four hundred years. It was kind of the deal he made to keep from being sent straight to Hell when he died on the battlefield as a knight.

This time they have sent him to a small town in northern New Mexico because they have a bit of a vampire problem. It doesn’t take long for him to figure out the problem is a bit more dire than he originally believed. Even his horse thinks this is where Darius is going to die and he’s going to get to watch.

If Van Helsing worked in the Old West, he’d be Darius James. Pick up this manual for surviving a vampire apocalypse because you never know when the entire world will go to … well, you know.


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